With so many siding options currently on the market, many homeowners here in the Twin Cities area are having a hard time choosing which one to go with. We understand that, and as a licensed Minnesota siding contractor we've elected to specialize in just one type - metal siding.  But we do offer installation of a few other quality siding products as well, because we recognize not every homeowner will choose seamless steel or other metal siding.

With so many different types of siding available, it is all too easy to choose the wrong material siding choice. However, by paying attention to some of the key factors of siding products, you can have an easier time choosing the best one for your home.

Seamless Steel SidingFactors to Consider When Choosing Siding for a Minnesota Home

The Climate

You want to choose a siding material that is able to stand up to the tough Minnesota winters that we have. With brutal winds, temperatures dropping below zero, and a lot of snow and ice (not to mention hail storms and heavy rains in other seasons), siding has to be able to perform well and last for years.

Style of the Home

Never forget how your home looks and feels. The right siding is going to match the aesthetics of  your home.  Make the wrong choice and you can  hurt your home's curb appeal. If your home has a traditional look, going with something that has a wood look and feel might be ideal. Many siding materials on the market today are not wood but have the same look with more protective abilities.

Long-Term Cost and Life Cycle

If you’re choosing a siding material that is cheaper that some other materials but has a lot of maintenance that comes with it, you’re spending too much. You have long-term costs associated with that siding, and you may end up spending even more than the savings you had during the initial installation. By investing in a better quality siding product that has minimal maintenance requirements, you’re essentially saving yourself money as well as time. You also need to consider the expected life of a siding product and then compare it against other materials.  An inexpensive vinyl siding product that will only last 10-15 years will cost you more in the long run than something like metal siding that will be functioning well for 30 years or more.  Unless that vinyl siding is at least third of the cost, you're not saving any money. (And that's not even factoring in inflation and repairs costs.)

Proficiency of the Contractor

The siding on the home is only as good as the contractor who installs it. By having a professional who's experienced and knows what they’re doing, that siding is going to perform at its peak. Our siding installation crews get regular hands-on training in our shop so that each siding type is installed correctly, according to industry standards as well as the manufacturer's specifications.

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As a siding installation contractor working in the Twin Cities area for over three decades,  here at Quarve we can provide the high quality installation you’re after, while also ensuring that you obtain the best material for your home. Speak with us today to learn more about the siding materials we offer.