For the longest time metal roofing pretty much all looked the same. Think pole barn: long flat sheets of metal screwed down on top of a roof in strips. It didn’t matter if you went with steel, copper, zinc or some other type of metal, your roof would pretty much look the same.

Ask someone you know about metal roofing and they’ll tell you about the ribbed or corrugated sheets that were the standard for decades. Those panel roofs aren’t the standard any longer though, and there are dozens of different design types and options to choose from today. Today's modern residential metal roofing can be manufactured to replicate the look of many other traditional home roofing materials.

Perhaps you like that rustic barn look, but it's not for everybody or every home.  Going with a metal roof doesn’t mean settling for a look that you don’t like any longer, and instead you can get exactly the appearance that you are after.

Metal Roofing Now Comes in New and Exciting Design Patterns

Metal roofs are available in a variety of design shapes and patterns today. That means when you work with us at Quarve, you don’t have to settle for that ribbed roofing (also called standing seam). In fact, it's not a roofing option we even recommend for homes, because that particular type has its drawbacks.

You can enjoy all the durability benefits of that roofing, while getting the look of an asphalt shingle roof if you prefer it. You can also get the look of slate or wood shake.  Metal is highly flexible and can be drawn out  into many different shapes, giving an excellent level of control over what the final product looks like.

Metal Is a Premium Roofing Option

Even though there are many different metal roofing options available today, most companies think of anything other than the corrugated sheet design as a premium product. That means that you’ll have more options to choose from, but you should be aware that design upgrade comes with a cost. For that reason it’s important to keep a close eye on the price that you are expected to pay for your roofing before having it installed. Be sure to go with a product that you can afford, and to avoid roofing types that are overpriced whenever you can. For example, when you compare costs of metal roofing, copper is one of the most expensive.  (We do not install copper roofing, by the way.)

But as you're looking at the installation price, please keep in mind that the roof you're considering will likely last three or more times the expected life of a comparable asphalt shingle roof, and it won't require the repairs and maintenance that traditional shingles will.  You should factor these associated costs in when you're comparing roofing prices.

Metal roofing is evolving and is quickly becoming one of the most popular types used on homes today. It was once a dull option that many people skipped over because of its utilitarian appearance, but that stereotype is fast fading, and you might even want to consider metal roofing when the time comes to replace yours.

Here are some reasons why Minnesota homeowners would want to invest in a metal roof.

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