If you worry about crime, about robberies, about anything happening if someone is trying to get into your home, it is only natural. According to the FBI, a home is burglarized every 13 seconds.

~ One-third of home break-ins are through the front door. ~ 30% are via an unlocked window or door.  The first step to making your home more secure is to make sure those exterior doors are locked.  You should be concerned about whether or not your door is strong enough to hold up or if the lock is secure enough to keep intruders out. And that includes even if you are home, because during 1 out of 3 residential burglaries, someone was home.

Many things can be done around your home can make it more secure - such as installing a new front door with new locks, new upgraded windows that provide secure locks or adding a security system. (But a security system isn't foolproof - those burglars will be in, out, and gone with your stuff before the authorities show up. In most cases, all that security system does is deter a certain percentage of thieves.)

Since the entryway for your home is the perfect spot for criminals to gain entry into the home, making it as secure as possible just makes sense.  You can frustrate the efforts of would-be burglars, or at the very least add some time so that responders to your security system alert may be more likely to catch that criminal in the act.

If the door on your home is older, then upgrading it can provide a lot more security. If you use steel, you may be surprised that not only is it strong but it is also very difficult to kick in.  And adding a high-quality, secure lock adds to the protection.

One home safety tip when it comes to having your new doors installed:  Doors that swing out are almost impossible to kick in (unless they're hollow-core or flimsy wood doors, in which case a foot could go right through.)

Adding an extra protective layer like a quality Larson storm door will slow those burglars down even more.

Quarve understands that security is one of the most important aspects that comes with purchasing a front door. This is why we install quality exterior doors that will add security to your home.

A break-in can happen in a matter of minutes (the average is 10 minutes from start to finish). Don’t let them get through the entryway of your home. With the right door on the front, as well as around the home, you’re not letting them pass through without a fight.

Speak with us here at Quarve to find out how we can replace that older door with a new, secure one. We pride ourselves in providing you with the utmost quality in exterior home improvement products such as entry doors, replacement windows, and metal roofing and siding.