If you were having new siding put on your home, you'd want to choose the highest quality you could afford, right?  One of the biggest issues that a lot of homeowners have when it comes to siding is choosing the best siding for their home, but then they skimp when choosing the professionals to install it.

A siding product is only as good as the contractor who installs it.  Homeowners who try to save money on the installation end often find issues down the road long after the installation work is done and the contractor disappears into the sunset. We know this because we've had more than one customer who had us come in to correct problems with their existing siding - or worse, replace it altogether because it failed.

Asking a Siding Contractor These Questions Can Help You Avoid Future Trouble

How can you avoid that happening to you?  Ask these questions before signing the contract, as well as clarifying other things you may be unsure about. How Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Siding products come with warranties, but you should be aware those guarantees cover the material only and not the installation. So before you sign, find out what kind of assurance on workmanship the contractor offers. Do they provide a written installation warranty as well?

And it's helpful to know more about them.  You need to look at the company’s portfolio and previous work history to find out more about them. You always want to make sure that your siding is done through an experienced contractor. You want to work with someone that has been in business for some years as well as a siding company who has installed the type of siding you have chosen. Those that are new to the siding business or are inexperienced with installing a particular material are more prone to making common mistakes.

To get a better idea of their experience, you should ask them how long they’ve been in business, how many projects they’ve completed and how large or small were the projects they’ve worked on.

Can You Give Me References?

You want to speak with someone that has worked with them before. In order to do this, get names, numbers, and addresses of previous clients that they've worked with that you can call.  Any contractor who hesitates to provide this information is one you'd want to pass on. Reputable siding contractors are proud of their work and have the customers they can direct you to.

Can I Get It in Writing?

Make sure that everything they promise you verbally is written down in the contract. The oral assurances and agreements that you make have no weight, so you need to make sure that you’re covered when you hire them by making sure these items are also in the contract.  You need to be comfortable that everything you're concerned about is covered in that document. If not, ask them to revise the contract prior to signing in.

Here some additional tips for choosing the best contractor for the job.

When it's time to replace the siding on your home here in the Twin Cities, speak with us here at Quarve to find out how our professional siding installation measure up on the market. Not only can we provide references, but we ensure that our expertise is all documented on paper. We want to provide you with great services and are a licensed home remodeling contracting company you can trust in Minnesota.