We love giving our roofing and siding customers options. And if you check out what is available in terms of colors for our roofing and siding, you'll see that we indeed have lots of choices.  But sometimes the best color is actually not very colorful at all. We're talking about right, and there are times when white is right. White is the universal exterior color of the architecture of the world. It works with just about any property, in any area. Just consider the typical colonial or Cape Cod style home. We bet you pictured something white, right? However, when should you walk away from white? When should you actually use it on the outside of your home?

Knowing when and how to use white on your property can help make it stand out much more than it already does.

Celebrate White

White is a very symbolic color to go with, which means so many will want to go with it for a more traditional home look. Having a modest Cape home can look great in white, which is why so many choose to stick with the color. White can show that the home has properties that wouldn’t otherwise be shown in other colors.

White is Great for Reducing Heat Indoors

White reflects rather than absorbs sun rays that generate heat. If you don’t want to live in a little hot box, then white on the outside of your home can help to keep it cooler in the hotter months. This also helps out your air-conditioning system, allowing it to work more efficiently. You don’t have to go white for both your roof and siding, but choosing one or the other is a good thing.

Show Off All the Architectural Details of Your Home

If you want to show off the rich details that come with your home, often the best way to do this is through the use of white for accents. This is especially true if your siding is a darker color. You can add touches of white on your home's exterior in a variety of ways - from the gutters to trim and even accessories like window boxes and shutters.This provides a nice ‘pop’ of color to the outside without having the entire home this color.

Speaking with us here at Quarve can provide you with a bit more information on what material and color you should use for the exterior of your home. We offer a variety of roofing, siding and trim products in white, as well as replacement windows and doors.  We are a licensed Minnesota home improvement contractor serving the Twin Cities area.