If you're looking into replacing the siding on your home here in the Minneapolis area, you've probably already discovered there are lots of options available.  You can choose a variety of different materials - everything to real wood to the eco-friendly seamless steel siding we install.  Then there are choices of color, and finally what style?

There is siding available in shake or scallop, board and batten, vertical, and more.  But the most common is lap siding.

Lap siding is actually a term that covers several styles, the most popular being Dutch lap.  (Other lap siding profiles include flat and beaded.) You might hear old-timers refer to it as clapboard or traditional lap

Lap siding is installed horizontally, and as the name implies, the strips of siding overlap the board beneath by as much as 2".  Most often the bottom is thicker than the top. Board widths can run from 4" to 10" in varying thicknesses.  Dutch lap siding is usually signified by a "D" plus the width. For example, a "D-7" siding would mean it is Dutch lap and 7" wide. 

What Lap Siding Is

Lap siding consists of long strips of siding that are installed in an overlapping manner.  Its texture can be smooth, rough-sawn, or something in between.  You'll find it in vinyl, fiberglass, wood, composite, fiber cement, engineered wood like LP SmartSide, and even metal.  Some siding products are actually manufactured in sheets rather than planks, so you get the appearance of overlapping strips but the benefits of a more seamless product.

How it Helps

There are multiple benefits that come with having this type of siding.  One of the most important to homeowners here in Minnesota where we get lots of rain is that this siding style sheds water very easily. That means moisture is less likely to infiltrate underneath the siding.  Lap siding is also a terrific aesthetic choice for those who want to create a traditional look for the exterior of their homes.

Since there are so many options to choose from in siding, it is always good to see these options before purchasing them.  We'd be happy to show you what we have available.  In addition, you can even drive around the Twin Cities and look at some of the homes where we've installed lap siding.

Lap siding is something we do! Here at Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota, we provide quality services that you can count on. Seamless steel lap siding is a beautiful, strong choice to go with. If you'd prefer another material, we can walk you through the different types of material available for you to use on the sides of your home. Call us today to learn even more.

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