When you hire a remodeling contractor to work on your home, some of your biggest concerns should be whether that company is experienced in that type of work and what kind of reputation they have among those whom they have worked for in the past.  Our multiple online reviews and customer testimonials will tell you what others say about us.  As to experience, we can tell you we've been in business for over three decades, and our various memberships and awards should tell you something about us as well.

Now we can add one more thing to our qualifications:  Our recent designation in Remodeling Magazine, listing us as one of the 500 top companies in the business.

Quarve Contracting Named by REMODELING Magazine to its

2018 REMODELING 550 List of America’s Biggest Remodelers

Quarve Contracting ranks 144th on the 2018 REMODELING 550 list of the nation’s biggest specialty remodelers.   “We are honored to receive this distinction,” said owner Pat Quarve. “There are roughly 100,000 remodeling firms in this country with payrolls, so it’s great to know that we’re among the top 0.5% in the nation.”

REMODELING editor-in-chief Craig Webb noted there’s a high turnover rate in remodeling, with roughly one-sixth of the firms going out of business annually. “In contrast, the bigger firms have a failure rate of less than 2%,” he said. “Thus, become a REMODELING 550 company indicates that you have quality and staying power—two traits that customers value most.”

If you're concerned about doing business with a company that will be around long after the work is done, give us a call.  We've been here for more than 30 years backing up our products and service, and we intend to offer top-quality roofing, siding, and other remodeling services in the Twin Cities for decades to come.