The St. Paul area has a variety of neighborhoods - some new developments, some aging homes, and some in between that just need a little help to restore their original glory.  We helped the owners of this home in the Falcon Heights area resolve some nagging issues with their home while giving it a roof that will outlast them.

This traditional Tudor-influenced home has some great architectural detail.  Its stucco and brick construction has held up well, but in addition to needing a new roof, it had some things that needed attention if the home was going to continue to hold up well for decades. 

As is common with many older homes we work on, the knee wall cavities weren't properly vented.  There was trapped moisture and it was musty.  In the process of installing their new roof, we also added venting behind the gutters and sidewall vents to provide air flow that would dry out moisture and remove that 'old home' smell.

The different types of steel and other metal roofing we install are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. 

We Install Metal Roofing in A Variety of Styles and Colors

The owners of this home were very deliberate in their choice.  They wanted something that would complement the style of their home, in a color that would work well with the stucco and brick.  They selected KasselWood steel roofing in Copper Penny. KasselWood is a premier steel roofing from Kassel & Irons.  It gets high ratings for fire, wind, and impact resistance.  As you can see, it provides stunning beauty for a home.  These homeowners chose the shingle style, but it is also available in designs that replicate the look of cedar shakes or slate.

And unlike wood or asphalt, that gorgeous steel roof is going to look good for decades while it protects this home with its maintenance-free durability.

If your home could use a little TLC to keep looking and functioning its best, why not contact us today for a free in-home consultation in having a metal roof put on your home?  We are a licensed Minnesota roofing contractor, and we serve the entire St. Paul and Minneapolis metro area.