You've probably noticed that severe weather is hitting many parts of the country this season, especially in the Midwest. If you're thinking about replacing the siding on your home here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro, one of your main concerns when choosing a siding product is how it's going to stand up to our climate.

~ Can it tolerate our extreme temperature fluctuations?  If you've lived here for even just a few years, you know how the thermometer can bounce up and down.  You might have the A/C on one week and the furnace the next.  Even in one day it may be in the 50's overnight and then up close to 100 by mid-afternoon.  That kind of temperature swing can be hard on certain types of siding, especially vinyl.  But seamless steel siding isn't affected by temperature variations because it isn't prone to cracking due to expansion and contraction. ~How does the siding hold up to hail?  This is one of the most important factors to consider, because hail storms are very common in the Twin Cities and indeed the entire state of Minnesota.  We get everything from small pea-sized pebbles to hail that matches a baseball.  Hail stones can crack vinyl siding or dent aluminum.  Hail may also strip or chip paint from wood siding or fiber cement siding.  On the other hand, steel siding stands strong in the face of a hail storm. ~Will that siding keep out wind-driven rain, snow, and ice?  When siding is installed (unless it is seamless), there are gaps between the strips, and moisture that is accompanied by high winds can easily penetrate under the siding, possibly causing structural damage.  Under those types of conditions, nothing matches seamless siding.  We extrude it on site to the exact dimensions of your home, so there are no seam gaps along the sides of your house. The corners are finished with steel trim, so there are no exposed seams to let in moisture. 

Yes, we will tell you that up front, our seamless steel siding will cost more to install than most other siding options. But in the long run, as compared to vinyl, aluminum, and even genuine wood, nothing lasts longer or offers your home better protection against Minnesota severe weather.

When you have seamless steel siding installed on your Twin Cities home by our division, Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota, you can be confident that your home is secure in the face of anything Mother Nature can throw at it.  And it will continue to look beautiful for years to come.  For a free estimate, give us a call today.  We are are a licensed Minnesota siding contractor.