Have you been thinking about getting a metal roof installed but you're still putting it off? Hopefully with all our helpful articles and our Facebook posts with pictures of some of the gorgeous metal roofs we've installed, we have you convinced it is the best (and last) roof you will ever need.  But we know that some of you here in the Minneapolis metro are still dragging your feet, even though you know your house could use a roof replacement.

Get Your Metal Roof Installed Now and Feel Secure This Winter

The year summer has been hard - hot, humid, and lots of storms. Well, that's weather in Minnesota. And before too much longer, we'll be facing another winter here in the Twin Cities.  Long-range forecasts indicate cold (surprise) and likely higher than average precipitation (i.e. sleet, freezing rain and snow) and wild temperature swings.  Another typical Minnesota winter! So....is your roof ready to withstand another heavy snowfall season?  If you're not sure, now is the time to do something about it.  And we'd also like to point out that temperature swings often lead to formations of roof-damaging ice dams because of the frequent freezing/melting cycles.  So in addition to having your new roof put in, if ice dams have been a problem for your home in the past, it's a good time to talk about making some changes in attic ventilation and insulation to reduce the likelihood of ice dam formation.

We can think of no better roof for a home here in Minnesota than a steel or other metal roof.  Metal roofs resist build-up of snow and ice, because they usually just slide right off.  And because of our installation method that provides a layer of air underneath the roof, it will stay cool, reducing the likelihood of ice dam formation even more.

And we can think of no better time to have your new metal roof installed than before the first snow flies.

We know, it's hot and humid outside, and the thought of ice and snow is a distant reality you probably don't even want to engage now.  But that's exactly why having a metal roof installed this summer is the right thing to do. Because once winter hits and you're faced with the same problems you've had year after year, it will be a little more impractical (and expensive) to have roofing repairs or replacement done then.

Why not give us a call today for a free in-home consultation? We'd love to share with you more of the benefits of a metal roof for your home - this winter and for many reasons to come.

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