With the frequent storms and severe weather we get here in Minnesota - especially in the Twin Cities area - the siding people choose for their homes is extremely important. Along with your roof, your siding is the most important protective feature your home has.  It's what shields it from what's going on around it and it is the first layer of defense to protect what (and who) is inside.

That means the siding material you choose is also extremely important.  When we speak with prospective clients about replacing the siding on their homes, our first recommendation is seamless steel siding.

Now, before you start to say, "Isn't steel siding for pole barns and industrial buildings?" we would like you to take a look at just a few of the homes we've put this incredible siding product on - click here for our Gallery. Here's just one example:



Does that look like a pole barn to you?  This savvy Minneapolis area homeowner chose to have our seamless steel siding installed, and most likely it will be the last siding this home will ever need.  You couldn't say that about most other siding products.

So why do we recommend seamless steel siding for homes here in the Twin Cities?  Aside from the fact that we believe there is no better siding material available in this area, here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Highly resistant to impact damage, especially from hail
  • Doesn't expand and contract from extreme temperature variations
  • Won't crack or buckle
  • Resists damage from moisture
  • Our on-site extrusion and installation process produces no seams or gaps, meaning no air or water infiltration under the siding
And we know this siding product will stand up to everything Mother Nature in Minnesota can throw at it - as well as anything else, like the neighborhood soccer game or a little ice hockey practice in your driveway.  How can we be so sure?  The first steel siding Pat Quarve installed nearly 40 years ago still looks as good as the day he put it on the side of that Minneapolis home.  (If you want to check it out yourself, we'd be happy to give you the address.)

For more than three decades our licensed Minnesota home improvement company has been offering high-quality exterior remodeling services like siding, roofing, and energy-efficient replacement windows and doors.  We believe in the seamless steel siding product we install so much we even put our own brand on it - Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota.  To find out more, why not contact us today for a free in-home consultation?