In our previous post we gave you some basic information on seamless siding, along with a major benefit - it keeps moisture out. We'd like to share more benefits with you. This innovative siding installation method has many advantages over traditional siding installation.  Shown at right is a diagram of a typical horizontal lap siding install.  Note the vertical lines - each one is a seam. They are usually placed 3-4 feet apart. With seamless siding you get none of these gaps!

More Advantages of Seamless Siding

Seamless Siding Keeps the Critters Out

Much like siding with seams provides multiple points of entry for moisture, that type of siding does the same thing for insects and even small rodents.  Mice need a very small area to wiggle inside, and even those tiny gaps between the siding can be chewed and enlarged. Nest-building wasps can get underneath and create a place to reproduce. Seamless siding prevents access by any living creature who might cause problems.

Seamless Siding Keeps the Wind Out

If you've ever looked at pictures of homes after a tornado has come through an area, you've probably seen strips of siding torn loose from affected houses. But even straight line and other high winds that we often get in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area can pull pieces of siding off. And even if that wind doesn't completely remove some siding, it can loosen it, making it more likely to buckle. All it takes is a very small gap

Seamless Siding Keeps Your Heating and Cooling Costs Down

Seamless siding installation doesn't just protect your home better - it can also protect your wallet.  Those small gaps at each seam in siding are potential leak areas for the warm or cool air inside your home as well as the hot and cold air outside it.  Air can leak in (or out) from very tiny openings, which means that the money you're spending on heat or air conditioning for the inside of your home is also going to partially heat or cool the air OUTSIDE your house! And your furnace or A/C unit is having to work harder than it should to maintain the temperature inside your home at a comfortable level because it's also fighting the hot or cold air seeping in.  By having seamless siding installed, you are reducing those air leakage points by a massive amount: remember, normal siding installation produces hundreds of potential air-leaking gaps.

Seamless Siding Keeps Your Home Looking Better

While the first four of these benefits on our list go mainly to protecting your home, there's one more that should matter to you if the appearance of the exterior of your home is important.  There's a reason you hear so much talk among real estate professionals about 'curb appeal.' That's because how a house looks goes a long way in increasing its marketability if you're looking to sell if.  And even if you have no intention of moving, having a beautiful home should give you some personal satisfaction. After all, you've spent a lot of money on your home so you probably want it to look good, right? Most people would agree that a seam-free exterior is much more attractive.

Hopefully we've convinced you to choose a seamless installation method the next time your home needs replacement siding. We'd love to talk to you about why we believe that particular seamless siding should be our own steel product.  Seamless siding has great benefits, but when you opt for seamless steel, you're getting the best protection for your Minnesota home!