Perhaps you think the title of this article is a little silly. You never really think about the color of the roof, right?  A roof is just a practical thing and the color doesn't really matter, does it?  If it's time to replace the roof on your home here in the Minneapolis area, we'd like you to consider the color - both the one you have now and what you might choose for your new roof.  After all, just because it had one color when you bought that house doesn't mean you have to stick with the same color for your replacement roof.  

Roof color IS important. 

Did you know the color of your roof actually does make a difference on how your home looks from the outside as well as how it performs on the inside? When you choose the color for your new roof, you are choosing the way the home functions as a whole when the new roofing material is put on it.

With the Right Roof Color, a Home's Value Could Increase

The value of your home could increase when you change the roof’s color to something that not only stands out but really makes the rest of the home pop. When this color scheme is perfect, the house is going to call to those that pass it. It's what is referred to in the real estate trade as 'curb appeal.'

And while you might not necessarily be able to put a dollar value on it, a home with great curb appeal is more attractive to potential buyers. If it looks good enough, there might even be a bidding war and you'll get more than your asking price.  Not a bad benefit from just choosing the right color for that roof you need anyway.

Home Energy Efficiency Increases with Certain Roof Colors

When you change out the color of your roof, you also change the effect it has on energy use in your home. Darker colors cause a roof to absorb the sun's rays, which is ideal when the climate is usually colder. This will help heat up the home and make it more comfortable when the winters are long and chilly. This can be beneficial for Minnesota homes. Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota roofing contractor serving the greater Twin Cities metro area.  

In warmer areas, like Florida and other southern states, lighter colored roofs reflect the sun from a house, so that the cooling system doesn't have to work so hard.  A light colored roof might also be appropriate for a home in the Twin Cities that gets no shade and tends to be hot in the summer.  

When the time comes to get a new roof put on your home, speak with us here at Quarve to learn more about what roofing color options we have for you to choose from. (Shown above are just a few of the color choices we have in steel roofing.) We want your home to look its best and with the right color roof, it can truly stand out. 

Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota roofing contractor serving the greater Twin Cities metro area.