The summer we've had here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area has been a long and hot one.  Your home has seen the effects of it. When your cooling system is running on overdrive, you will see that this is causing a lot of issues with keeping up so your home is comfortable.

A variety of things can contribute to the energy efficiency (or lack of it) with heating and cooling inside a house.  One reason is insulation or lack of it. Another is how well the exterior protective elements like roofing, siding, windows, and doors work.  How energy efficient is your home?  One important indicator is the R-value of the building components that contribute.

The R-Value Measurements

You've probably seen R-values on a number of things. But do you understand what it means? R-value is a rating that shows how well the component - be it insulation, siding, or something else - resists heat transfer or flow.  The higher the number, the better it performs.

With insulation, this value is largely dependent on the quality, thickness, and density of the insulation. While there might be some insulation throughout the exterior walls, the siding on the home should also have its own insulation that provides more comfort inside the home.

There are options out there when it comes to choosing the right siding. Many of the siding options have ones that are not only thicker, but some come with insulation built right into the siding. This helps to insulate the home better and increases the home’s R-value.

What does a higher R-value mean when it comes the resale value of your home?

When the R-value of the home is so high, you can be sure that the resale value better than a comparable home that isn't as energy efficient. People want to save money every month on their energy bills, and many Minnesota home buyers are concerned about how their home will impact energy consumption in light of protecting our natural resources and our environment.  Buyers are willing to pay more for a home that is highly energy-efficient, and the protective quality of the siding you have can contribute to it.

Is your home ready for new siding? Give us a call here at Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota where we can help you choose the siding that is going to keep the inside of the home more comfortable. Your R-value matters when it comes to which siding choice you choose to go with.