When you are ready for new siding for your house here in Minneapolis, it's important to choose a siding that not only shows off the home’s personality but delivers so much more.

A home's siding affects so much.  Along with the roof, it provides the major protective covering for your home.  But it's more than just practical and functional.  The right siding can make your home more energy efficient, and the style and color allow you to show off your own personal tastes and create a stand-out look.

While most homes have typical horizontal siding, we find that more and more homeowners are choosing horizontal siding, either for their entire home or for an accent on areas like the gables or just one wall. What are the reasons to choose vertical siding instead of horizontal?

Vertical Siding is an Ideal Investment

With changing trends in exterior home design and the desire to stay current, a lot of people are unaware of the vertical siding that they can obtain.   Not only is this siding great for so many reasons, but it really stands out since it is different from the traditional horizontal siding. Some homeowners even mix and match the two to make their home have a more unique appearance on the block.

Vertical siding is more stylish than some of the horizontal choices. One of the biggest benefits of this siding style is that you can purchase it in almost any material that horizontal siding is available in. What's more, vertical siding performs better in terms of moisture issues.   Water from rain or snow doesn't get trapped underneath the overlap that horizontal siding has, and it sheds water far better.

It is a great choice when it comes to the overall cost. While purchasing it can be a bit more expensive than the horizontal siding on the market, it tends to last longer so you don't have to replace it as often. And because of its distinctive appeal, when you go to sell your home, you may find you'll get a buyer faster, and even get more than your asking price.

If you’re considering adding vertical siding to your Minnesota home, it's important to choose a licensed, experienced Minnesota siding company to install it for you. Speak with our professionals here at Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota. We can provide you with more insight on the vertical siding that is available for homes here in the Twin Cities.