If you have looked around our website, visited us on Facebook, or read our blog before, you've probably figured out that metal roofing and siding are our specialty services - steel in particular.  Why are we such big fans of steel for exterior protection for homes here in the Twin Cities?

Because we believe there is no roofing or siding material that's stronger, more durable, or a better overall value than steel. 

Both steel roofing and seamless steel siding are materials we install quite a bit of on both homes and businesses around the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, and with good reason.

  • As a roofing or siding material, nothing matches metal - especially steel - for holding up to our severe weather.  You've probably seen vinyl siding demolished by hail or asphalt roofing shingles torn off by wind-driven rain; you won't see that with metal.
  • Metal siding and roofing last much longer than most other options, meaning you'll have to replace them far less often.
  • Metal roofing and siding require virtually no maintenance, other than an occasional washing down to remove dust. Both will look good for decades.
  • Homeowners's insurance companies love metal roofing and siding. In fact, if you have either (or both) of these products installed on your home, you'll probably get a break on your insurance premium because they are noncombustible. 
  • Minnesotans by and large are concerned with preserving our natural resources. Metal roofing and siding are eco-friendly materials, and they are 100% recyclable. And if you're making the move to residential rooftop solar panels, metal roofing provides the best base to put those panels on. Also, the metal roofing we install is very energy-efficient.

We've got more reasons than this why we think you should consider metal roofing and siding when it comes time to replace either on your home.  Hundreds of your neighbors around the Twin Cities metro area have already made the move to metal on the exterior of their homes.  Isn't it time you did the same?

For a free in-home consultation to find out more about what metal roofing or siding could do for your home, contact us today.