If you've been reading our blog posts - or even if you're new to our website - you've probably already figured out that metal roofing is the main thing we install.  You might wonder why.

First of all, we install steel and other metal roofing because we believe there is no better material to protect a home here in Minnesota than high-quality metal roofing. 

Secondly, we concentrate on installing metal roofing because it is fast becoming the top choice of not only homeowners but also builders, home designers, and architects.  We might also point out that among tiny house builders and owners, most choose metal roofing.

Since the tiny house movement is primarily rooted in a desire to reduce one's impact on the environment as well as to secure affordable housing, this should tell you something about metal roofing.

We've got lots of other reasons why we think you should consider metal when it's time to replace the roof on your home, but probably the most important one is the top reason why those who choose metal roofing make that selection.

The number one reason people choose metal roofing to protect their homes?  Its durability.

It just makes sense that those why buy metal roofing for their homes indicate this was their main reason in choosing it.  Your roof is probably the biggest investment you'll make in remodeling or improving your home, so of course you'd want to get the most for your money.

Comparing the expected life of a typical asphalt roof with metal indicates a metal roof shows that a quality metal roof will last at least three times the expected life of an asphalt roof.  Yes, metal roofing is more expensive up front to install, but in the long run it is much more cost effect.

The durability of a metal roof shows up in other ways, too.

  • A metal roof is virtually maintenance free, which can't be said of an asphalt roof
  • A metal roof will withstand just about anything Minnesota's weather throws at it - and that includes hail and lightning.  Even tornado force winds are no match for it.
  If durability is top on your list of priorities when it comes time for you to replace your roof, contact us to talk about our metal roofing. We'd love to talk with you about some of the other reasons your fellow homeowners here in the Twin Cities and the surrounding area have chosen Quarve to install a metal roof on their homes.