You've probably figured out that our #1 home improvement product we install is metal roofing (followed closely by metal siding).  Many home and business owners here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area are figuring out what we've been telling people for years - there is no better way to protect your Minnesota home than with metal roofing.

Okay, so you believe that metal roofing is durable and can shield your home from our often severe Midwest weather. That's definitely a reason to have it installed on your home.  And you have have learned that it will last far longer than asphalt roofing. And that insurance companies love it because it's so fire resistant.

But have you passed on having a steel or other metal roof installed on your home because you don't think it will look good?

Then do you mind if we take some time to convince you otherwise?

Busting the Myths of the Appearance of Metal Roofing

  • No, metal roofing won't make your home look like a barn or pole building (unless you want it to). It comes in a variety of styles, including profiles that resemble wood shakes, slate tiles, or asphalt shingles.
  • No, metal roofing isn't just a boring sheet of gray - just take a look at the colors only one line of steel roofing we install is available in.  (This particular roofing is steel KasselWood from Kassel & Irons, one of our favorite suppliers.)

If you need more convincing, please click here to visit our Project Gallery.  If you see a roof that inspires you to transform and protect your home, please call us today for a free in-home consultation. We are a licensed Minnesota home improvement contractor, and our specialty is metal roofing.