About this time of year when we start running our furnaces and buttoning up our homes for the winter, most of us who own homes start to think about what we can do to reduce the cost of heating our homes.  No, the answer doesn't lie in turning your thermostat down, because you'll just be uncomfortable. Improving the energy efficiency of the home is the number one thing to do. Not only do you want to take steps to save money, but if you're like many of us who live here in the Twin Cities area, you also want to reduce your impact on the environment. Many homeowners are looking to change up the way that they do things inside and outside their homes. By adding in more energy efficient items, you can be sure that this is something that is being done to better the home and those that live within it.

You can start by replacing older appliances for more energy efficient models. That includes water heaters, furnaces, washers and dryers.  But there are major home improvements you can also make that will cut your heating and cooling costs AND add value to your home.

Tips for Boosting Your Home’s Energy Efficiency: Remodeling

Check out all the windows and doors throughout the home because this is where most heating and cooling loss occurs in a typical home.  If you need to replace these items because they’re old, this can not only make the home more energy efficient but it can also increase the value. Having older windows and doors is not doing anyone any good.  Don't let those drafty old windows and doors cost you more in utility bills than you need to - get them replaced this year. Your wallet will thank you.

Put in more insulation. The insulation and ventilation in the attic and throughout the rest of the home are going to determine how well the home is performing energy-wise. But seek the help of a Minnesota home remodeling specialist, because insulation needs to be added in the right areas or you're going to create other problems.  For example, the goal is not to have a warm attic or you'll end up with ice dams and roof problems.  But you DO want sufficient insulation to make sure the cold attic air doesn't make its way down into the rest of the house.

Metal roofing is a great idea if you’re going to be adding solar panels to the top of the home. (Even if you're not, metal roofing IS an energy-efficient roofing choice.) Not only is this one of the biggest factors in getting solar panels, but it is a great way to increase energy efficiency and the home’s value. People love solar panels that are already installed on the home and here you have the ability to offer them just that.

You can realize energy savings up to 50% when you change out even the simplest of things in your home. These changes can really make a difference and make everyone comfortable indoors, no matter what the season.

If you’re ready to make a change, speak with us here at Quarve Contracting, where we can provide you with some more awesome home improvement ideas to make your home as energy efficient as can be while also being able to give you the highest quality services and products in the Twin Cities. We are a licensed Minnesota home remodeling contractor, and we specialize in energy-efficient products.