We recommend metal roofing for homeowners here in Minnesota for a variety of reasons. One of the main ones is that a metal roof is considered to be a green roof, partly because of its energy efficiency.

There are many reasons why metal roofing can help reduce energy use in a home.  This characteristic is one of the important reasons why so many homeowners are changing to this type of roofing. They want to make sure that their home is energy efficient, but they also want their home to look its best. Metal roofing can deliver both.

Check out pros of metal roofing and why it is definitely an energy efficient choice for homeowners to make.

Metal Roofing and Energy Efficiency

The Ins and Outs of Energy Efficiency: You've probably heard this term frequently, but what exactly does it mean?This is the ability to reduce the amount of heat transfer coming in and out of an area. Something that is energy efficient is able to retain the heat and then disburse the heat as needed, depending on the season. There are many ways that this is accomplished with building materials, such as low-E coatings on windows and blown-in insulation materials. Metal Roofing Does the Energy Efficiency Thing Well: Since it is on top of a home, metal roofing is always exposed to the sunlight available. With certain types of roofing, that can mean it gets hot in the rooms just below the roof. But with metal roofing, the surface of the material can be treated so that it reflects the sun’s UV rays from it. This then makes it more resistant to these rays that might heat up the home in the warmer months.

And it can be taken a step further by selecting a light color.  The EPA refers to this as a 'cool roof.' Cool roofing reflects the sunlight, much like wearing white clothing on a sunny day.  Reflecting the warming sun rays away from the home means it heats up less underneath the roof.  And when paired with attic insulation, that metal roof can mean a cooler indoor temp.  The end result is that it is much easier to maintain a constant temperature inside your home without excessive use of heating or air conditioning.

By using the latest and greatest in energy efficiency technology, specialized layers are put onto the surface of the metal roof, paired with lighter colors that reflect.  This combination ultimately helps the inside of the home stay as comfortable as it can possibly be.

For more information about these energy-efficient metal roofs, speak with our metal roofing professionals here at Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota. We would be more than happy to help with any roofing questions you have, metal or not. We are a division of Quarve Contracting, Inc., a licensed Minnesota exterior home improvement company.