Have you taken a look recently at all the different colors our metal roofing comes in?  In addition to a variety of styles, the available colors mean there is something for just about every home.  But with all those choices, how do you select the right color metal roof for your home here in the Minneapolis area?

The color  of a metal roof actually makes a difference, which means you want to make the right choice when going with one color over another. Answering all questions about the possible color of your new metal roofing when it's time to replace your roof is a good thing. That way you'll take into account some important considerations before you make a choice.

Do I have to get a metal roof in just a shade of grey or are there other colors? There's still a common misperception out there that metal roofing for homes is the same as those corrugated grey sheets you see on barns and pole buildings, but that couldn't be further from the truth.  Just like available paint colors for a home, metal roofing gives you lots of choices (although not the literally thousands like paint colors have). The swatch at right shows just a few of the available choices we offer.

You can also check out our Pinterest board, Metal Roofing Colors, to see the variety of color choices as well as what some select homes look like with different colored metal roofs.

If you can think of the color, you likely can choose a metal roof color in a similar hue, or at least a color that will go well with it. There is really no end. The same goes for the patterns and looks of metal roofing. Think again if you thought metal roofing was just that plain old dull grey-silver.

Does this cost more money to have a colored metal roof?

Just like if you were to customize a pair of shoes, you might have to pay a bit more for premium colors, extra tints, or additional layers of protective coating. You’re easily able to enjoy a more upgraded look and feel for just a bit of extra money to get it. But for the most part, the cost of a different color in the same type of metal roofing is the same.

Can my roof look like another type of roofing material?

Today's residential metal roofing is manufactured to look like wood shake, slate, tile, or asphalt shingles if you choose. You can go with a texture that matches the other homes in your area or a vibrant color that will make your home stand out on the block. Metal roofing is available in so many colors and styles that you can have the look that you desire, while still getting the benefits of metal.

Take a minute to think about what a metal roof would bring to your home. It can benefit you in many ways and provide the comfort that you need. If you are ready to talk about having a metal roof put onto your Minneapolis home, speak with us here at Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota. We are THE metal roof installation company to call for the Twin Cities.