Homeowners here in the Minneapolis area have lots of choices for siding materials for their homes.  Historically, wood was the traditional siding material before the onset of aluminum and later vinyl siding.  There are even more siding materials to choose from, but some people still prefer genuine wood siding.

Wood siding is a popular choice because of its natural beauty.  But if you are considering real wood siding, you should be aware of the downfalls and problems that might also come with having it. Making a more informed decision on which siding option to go with is always ideal.

Drawbacks to Genuine Wood Siding

Durability Issues: The durability of a siding project should be one of your top concerns.  Wood siding can crack, warp and become distressed if upkeep is not done to keep moisture from getting into the wood. If not properly sealed and treated, natural wood absorbs moisture.  That can lead to damage in the siding and also what's underneath. Moisture problems will cut the life of your siding substantially.  Issues With Pests: Termites, rodents and other pests love wood siding. Not only can they cause damage to your siding material but will also get inside your home, causing even more trouble. Requires Major Upkeep:  Wood siding requires high maintenance compared to other siding materials. The wood needs to be painted or stained and sealed every few years.  Caulking between joints and around trim like windows and doors also needs to be replaced frequently. Not Always Environmentally Friendly: Since it is wood, a lot of homeowners think it is an environmentally conscious option to go with. This is not true. Since the wood has to be saturated in chemicals to keep it going, this is something that is horrible for the environment. It actually makes the wood one of the less eco-friendly options to go with.

There are plenty of siding materials that are manufactured to look like real wood. That includes engineered wood like LP SmartSide and James Hardie fiber cement.  But these have their drawbacks as well. Even vinyl siding might not be the best choice to go with.  Our top recommendation for homeowners who love the look of wood but don't want the problems is our seamless steel siding.

If you’re searching for an ideal siding choice for your Minnesota home, give us a call here at Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota (a Quarve division). We can provide you with many options and explain what you get with each of them so you can find one that matches the needs and wants that you have for your home. We are a licensed siding installation contractor for the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.