For homeowners here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, we find a big concern is whether or not they are making a wise investment financially.  Will the money they are putting into remodeling or improving their homes actually pay off? Many think about the increase in resale value that might result when they make changes.  Will that increase in value be enough to offset some (or most) of the cost of the improvements?  However, not many homeowners think about the money they can save.  You probably know that making energy-efficient improvements can save you on utility bills, but did you know that certain projects can save you on the cost of your homeowner's insurance? Even the smallest of fixes can actually save you money while at the same time getting you a discount on your insurance premium.  While the savings might be smaller than some would like, when they are added up, over time, they can be significant. There are some things that are easy to figure out.  For example, updating the electrical in your home would be beneficial because it might mean your house is safer from fires. Any changes that are going to help with safety and security are going to be the biggest savers in the insurance policy. Having an outside monitoring service as well as an alarm system can help save money. So can having a generator to keep critical components (like your furnace) running if the power goes out.

Adding smoke and CO2 detectors can add savings, but just upgrading the plumbing can also add an additional cut to the amount you pay into the insurance.

The best part? If you switch to a metal roof, it is not going to combust or catch fire, which can also save you money in the long run, or metal siding that can also be safe from a fire on the outside or inside of the home. This might bring insurance premium savings with it when you make the switch to these types of home improvements.

There are so many savings that happen, it is no wonder that homeowners are starting to remodel with safety and security in mind. It might just be saving them more money than they thought.  Discounts vary, so talk to your homeowner's insurance agent to find out what your company might offer.

We can provide you with more information on ways to save money in your home improvement projects while also helping you save some money on the project.  We are a licensed Minnesota home remodeling company, and we specialize in exterior improvements like metal roofing and siding.