Metal siding is a siding choice that you don’t regularly hear about, but we're endeavoring to change that.  Metal siding is our number one recommendation for homes here in the Twin Cities. In fact, shown here is a home in Minneapolis that got great, beautiful protection with two colors of our seamless steel siding.  It's just one of our many metal siding projects. It is important to think about the maintenance, the benefits, the protection, and more that you get from the siding that is protecting the home. You want something beautiful, but also something that is going to last.

Not only is metal siding a choice that can provide excellent protection for Minnesota homes, but it is also a beautiful siding product. With so many different looks, colors, and styles to choose from, you can find something that looks nice on the outside of your home.

Benefits of Metal Siding

It is not only more structurally sound than other siding options, but it is also hard to penetrate, hard to break, does not warp or buckle in due to drastic temperature changes, and so much more. Low maintenance is key and with metal siding, you are getting just that. Metal siding will protect the exterior of your home (and the interior as well),  without having you put in too much work. Well, you will need to wash it down from time to time to keep it looking good, but that's about all.

Metal siding is also resistant to the development of mold, fungus, and other destructive growths that can happen. T If you live in an area like ours that has a lot of moisture, it can penetrate the inside of the siding and cause issues. But with metal you have no worries about that.

The thicker the metal that is on the sides of the home, the better the insulation is going to be. The seamless steel siding we install is a heavier gauge than many comparable products.  It is stronger, more protective, and provides better insulation than other options on the market.

Don’t worry about insects and rodents getting underneath your siding and causing problems in your home's structure or interior.  They just can't chew through it, and our seamless installation process means no gaps to let them in.

Metal siding has so many benefits, it might just be the siding option for you to go with.

If you’re searching for a siding option that speaks to you, metal might be the right choice to go with. Speak with us here and we can give you more information about the seamless steel and other metal siding products we install You need something to provide protection and this siding can be the way to go.

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