photo courtesy of Larson Doors

Has this windy, nasty winter weather got you a little chilled in your home?  As you're putting extra blankets on the bed and maybe a sweater indoors, have you thought about adding an extra layer of protection to your home?  A quality storm door installed over your exterior entry doors can provide just that.

A storm door provides multiple benefits and it is important to think about these before you move forward with the storm door installation. It is a low-cost way to provide an extra layer of energy efficiency and protection to your home.

We are pleased to install quality storm doors from Larson. Larson manufactures the best-selling storm doors in America.  These doors provide protection and comfort for a home, and they are gorgeous doors.  They come with an excellent warranty, which means you will get all of the benefits that come with that door for up to 50 years.


What Are the Benefits of Storm Doors?

Protects Your Main Door A storm door can protect the entry door of the home because it provides a barrier between the main door and the  outside elements. It can take on the debris or precipitation that comes flying its way. This is a great thing when you want to protect the door and your home. And it's especially important if that entry door is genuine wood, because wood doors can get damaged from rain, snow, and hail.  We highly recommend you install a storm door over your wood exterior doors. Increases Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Exterior doors are second only to windows as the main source of  heat loss in a home.  By adding storm doors, you're giving your home an extra layer of protection against heat transfer.  You'll save money on your energy bill and also keep your home comfortable throughout the year. The same thing is true when the hot summer hits. A storm door will help keep the warm air outside and the cooler air indoors.  You can reduce your energy loss by up to 50% with the extra outside covering.

Keep Pests Out

Keep the insects and other pests out using storm doors with screen options.  You can then open your main door without having to worry about pets getting out or pests getting in.

Increase Your Home’s Security

You can keep your home security up and where it needs to be with a strong, lockable storm door. You have an extra layer of protection that locks and keeps intruders out. This is a great thing to think about when you want to protect your home and those that live there.  Most home burglaries are through the front door, and a would-be invader will think twice about having to breech not one door but two.

If you don’t have a storm door, then it might be time that you think about having them installed on your entry doors. This can provide you with many benefits and extras that you would not be able to get without a storm door.  We offer storm door installation in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.  Oh and by the way, you can get these doors at a big box home improvement store, but you'll miss out on the benefits and precision of professional installation.  Why not contact us today to see just how economical it can be?