Storm doors are something that many people here in the Minneapolis area have on their homes. And with the weather we've been having this winter, we think those who don't yet have storm doors may be thinking about having them installed. We think that's a good idea. Quality storm door installation is one of our services.

But of course before you invest your hard-earned money on something else for your home, you'd probably like some good reasons why you should do it.

Close-up of red storm door on home in winter

Why Install Storm Doors? What Are The Benefits?

We have multiple reasons why we think storm doors are a good idea for homes in the Twin Cities. Some of those benefits are practical, some are money-saving. Here are just a few things having storm doors on your home can provide.

What Does a Storm Door Do? Depends on the Type of Door

The benefits you can realize from a storm door vary with the type of door you choose. With so many options available, selecting the right storm door for your home is important. There are three main types of doors to choose from:

  • Ventilating storm doors have a screen in either the entire door or half of it that provides ventilation throughout the entire year
  • Full or three-quarter storm doors have a glass panel; some models have fixed glass while others have panels that can be swapped out with screens
  • Retractable models have screens that can be rolled up and stored inside the door when they are not in use

With screened storm doors, you can open an exterior door to allow warm air to come in during the warmer months. And even if the storm door you choose has no screen, you're still letting in more sunlight without adding extra windows. Screened storm doors will keep Minnesota's 'favorite' insect pests like mosquitoes out but still let you joy the warm weather or listen to the spring rains that come and go. A storm door can even provide additional safety when they are locked, because it's one more layer a would-be home invader would have to go through.

If you’re considering having storm doors on your home, we suggest you hire a professional door contractor to install it. Storm door installation is just one of the things we do. Speak with us today about adding extra protection to your home. We are a licensed Minnesota home remodeling contractor, and we serve the greater Minneapolis metro area.