Homes in areas like Minnesota where winters can be bitter cold require siding that is going to stand up to the test that our climate conditions may bring. If you drive around the Twin Cities, you'll see that most of the homes are sided with brick, vinyl, or wood (stucco is also very popular in this area). And while these types of siding are popular, they don't do the best at handling the cold weather that comes our way. We have a better idea: steel. Steel siding has been shown to provide not only incredible protection for a home but also enduring beauty that won't fade with the seasons.

Some Siding Experiences Cracking During Colder Months

One of the biggest problems that happen to siding during the colder months is cracking. Moisture can enter the cracks of the siding and when it freezes it can break apart and crack. This is one of the biggest problems that vinyl siding is faced with. Wood siding gets affected as well. And the freeze/thaw cycle we get during Minnesota winters messes up brick exteriors as well. Cracks aren't just ugly; they provide spots where water can enter underneath and cause mold, mildew and many other problems.

Insulation Behind Siding Is Important

Of course, as a homeowner you want everyone to feel comfortable living inside the home, and with the proper insulation, you can keep the cold on the outside. Sufficient insulation under siding is crucial - your exterior walls are generally the largest surface area of your home. Steel siding can accommodate a lot of insulation under it next to the home, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to insulate properly.

If you’re considering new siding, then steel siding might be the bestyou can choose. With the seamless steel siding we install, you can ensure that even in the harsh Minnesota winters, you can protect the inside of your home and keep everyone comfortable when the snow hits and the temperatures drop.

Speak with us here to find out more regarding the steel siding that is perfect for the climate we live in. Minnesota is a cold place to be and we can help you with the right steel siding to protect your home and provide comfort for those who live there.

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