Metal roofing is becoming more popular than ever, especially with homeowners here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro. We're finding that more Minnesota households are turning towards steel or other metal roofing.

If you are ready for a new roof, then you should consider all of the options. Definitely compare the roofing materials. You've probably got things you want to know about metal roofing, though, because it isn't as well-known as an alternative like asphalt shingles.

One of the biggest questions people ask is whether or not a metal roof can be placed over the existing roofing material that they have. We suspect many homeowners equate metal with weight, and they are often pleasantly surprised to find out that metal roofing is incredibly light weight in comparison to other options.

Whether or not we can re-roof without tearing off your existing roof depends on a number of factors, most important being how many layers of roofing are already there. We can take a look at your existing roof and evaluate its condition and amount of old roofing in order to determine whether installing a metal roof over your old roof will work for your home or not.

Will the Roof Work on My Home?

A metal roof will work on most every home, whether it's installed over an existing roof or not. At times we are able to install existing roofing on the home and it will still provide the home with the protection that is needed. The roof on your home should be in good condition, not horrible condition when the new roof is put on the top of the home.

Another Layer of Roofing: Adding Additional Protection

Adding extra protection is always a good thing, regardless of what it is. And that's particularly true with the things that protect your home. Your roof is your home's first line of defense against the environment and the weather. Metal roofing installed over an existing asphalt roof can be the extra protection that is needed. Plus the underlying roof will then function as extra insulation.

Now, we can't promise we can install our roofing over every existing roof, but we're more than happy to take a look at your home and let you know what we recommend. We've been in the roofing business for more than three decades, so we have lots of experience. And metal roofing IS our specialty, after all.

If you’re considering a metal roof, then you want to talk to someone that is a professional in the field and is able to recommend the best metal roof for you and your home. In the Twin Cities, that's Metal Roofing & Siding of Minnesota, a Quarve divisoin. Give us a call here and we can discuss your metal roofing options.