Is your home just not what you want it to be? Perhaps you loved it when you bought it but after a few years your needs (or your tastes) have changed, and it just doesn't work for you anymore. So you're thinking about putting it on the market and buying a new one that will be a better fit for you. But have you considered about remodeling instead?

Many people wonder if they should even go through the hassle of remodeling a home to make it look or function the way they want. Oftentimes people opt to just move into a new home for a change because it seems like less hassle. While this might seem like less work (and it usually is not), it is generally more expensive to move into a new home.

For many homeowners, it's more ideal to remodel the home and stay in their current home instead of moving into a new one, and here’s why.

Customize Your Home to Your Liking

Unless you have a custom-designed home built to your exact specifications, you aren't going to get everything you want even if you move. And over time your needs and tastes will change, so even that dream home may become less so.

Instead of selling that home you used to love, how about investing in your current home instead of buying a new one. What about making some changes so it's more to your liking? Remember, you chose the home for a reason. If you love the location, unless you feel your home is just too small for your family, you might be better off making some changes rather than moving.

Remodeling Can Increase the Property’s Value

When you stay in the home and change what you want, you can increase the value of the property if you make the right improvements. This not only means less stress but more money in the bank when the time comes to get rid of the house.

A new home purchase is going to cost you closing costs that won't give you any value in exchange, so it often makes more sense to spend that money on what is truly an investment - remodeling that will add to the value of your current home. (Keep in mind that some remodeling projects can actually decrease its value, and without careful planning you can end up spending far more than you need to. So do your homework before you make any changes.)

Love Where You Live? Then Don't Change the Location

If you love the area where your home is located, then you are not going to want to move. You are going to want to stay where you are. You can do just about anything to remodel a home, but you cannot pick it up and move it somewhere else. (Well, you MIGHT be able to, but that's a massive expense and we don't recommend it.)

When you're evaluating remodeling versus moving, we suggest you first evaluate what you DO love about your current home, and then make a list of the things it is lacking. Then speak to a Minnesota home remodeling contractor like us to see what can be done to bring your current home into line with your vision.

Here at Quarve we specialize in energy-efficient exterior home remodeling. Most of our materials are either low-maintenance or maintenance-free, and we find that reducing energy use and cutting maintenance time are both high on the list for those who are dissatisfied with their homes. How it looks on the outside is also a major concern.

So why not talk to us about a new roof, siding, energy-efficient windows and doors? These are all things that can change the way you feel about your home, offering a new look and essentially a new home.