The color of the siding and trim of your home really makes a difference in many aspects. But it is not something most homeowners give a lot of thought to, other than their personal preferences. But did you know that the color of a home can actually affect it how quickly it can sell? Sometimes if it's a certain color, it will boost its appeal enough that a seller might actually get more for a home than they were asking. Conversely, the wrong color can make a home hard to sell.

But it isn't just resale you should think about. Yes, your own personal tastes are definitely important. Even if you're trying to fit in among the homes in your neighborhood, you shouldn't have to pick a color siding that doesn't appeal to you. The look of your home should first of all appeal to you. And then it should send a message to others who see it about the people that live inside.

If you're thinking about changing the color of your home's exterior, here are some popular ones for this year.  Colors found in nature are trending, but they aren't boring ones!

Popular Exterior Colors for 2019

Living Coral: This fun color (Panetone's Color of the Year) - as well as lighter and darker shades in the same tone - evokes a comfortable, welcoming appeal that so many try to get on and in their homes. With the use of this color, you can even brighten up and enjoy the look of your home. Don't want to go coral overall? Consider painting your front door! Paint options include Benjamin Moore "Rich Coral" #028 and Sherwin Williams "Coral Reef" (SW6606).

Coastal Blues: Beachy tones continue to be popular, especially blue shades. The coastal blues bring the ocean right to your home. You can add this color to the outside of your home, allowing you to have matching colors flow to the inside. This brings peace to the look and feel of the outside of the home. Even the most protective steel siding can benefit from a nice soothing color.

Forest Greens: Forest greens are something that brings out the beautiful colors of nature and create the feeling of living in a lush, densely wooded area. Bold accents added to deep greens can be a great way to make a statement.

Snow Whites: There is a reason why white remains a classic color, inside or outside. There are lots of different whites available - icy, creamy, you name it. White goes with just about any other color, which makes it often the perfect color as a canvas to accent with. You can liven it up with contrasting trim, window frames, doors, and even decorative accents like shutters and window boxes. White is always right.

Before you pick a color for your new siding, roof, or any other exterior remodeling feature, think about the statement you'd like your home to make. Think about the colors that you like first of all. Then we'd be happy to help you explore how you might make use of color in your exterior remodeling.

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