This past winter here in the Twin Cities has reinforced the notion that Minnesota has COLD weather. While it isn't always as snowy or as frigid as this year's winter, overall yes, we do have our share of cold weather. (Just for reference, one weather service says our winter has an average daytime temp of 25° and an overnight low of 8°. But this year was clearly not average!) And you should definitely factor in our winters when you're shopping for new siding.

Homes that are located in colder climates like ours need special protection from the weather. You want a heating system that is going to be able to keep up with temperatures that sometimes dip below zero. Of course our homes need sufficient insulation to make everyone inside comfortable, but they also have to have the outer shell that protects against the snow, ice and sleet.

Cold, cold temperatures can affect some siding materials. It can cause a lot of problems and damage that you don’t want to worry about. Many vinyl siding and wood siding products have been shown to have problems in the colder climates.

Seamless Steel Siding Is Ideal for Colder Climates

Steel siding comes with many benefits that you cannot get from other options, such as not warping or cracking when the temperatures fall below a certain degree. One of the biggest problems that other siding materials have is that water gets in between the slats and under them and this causes them to crack and break. And wood siding can soak up water, causing it to crack when that water freezes. This is something that does not happen with steel siding. Steel siding is not porous, so you don’t have to worry about it soaking up water from the outside moisture. And since our siding is seamless, water can't get in between the gaps between siding sections.

Still have questions about our seamless steel siding and whether it's right for Minnesota homes? Watch for our next post where we have more information for you. Homeowners around the Twin Cities are making the switch and choosing steel siding from us. In our opinion there is no better siding material for climates like ours - whether it's subzero winter weather or sweltering summer heat. As a premier steel siding company in the Twin Cities, with us you don’t have to worry about where to go for the very best in siding.