Can you imagine anything worse than having a new roof put on and then shortly afterward find out that roof is leaking - or worse? The reality is, this does happen. Sometimes new roofing fails shortly after it is installed.

This is not only a trying time for the homeowner but it also can make them feel defeated. They did their homework on the roofing they chose, they hired a company they thought would do a good job, and yet they still have problems. So they go back to the roofing contractor and demand to know what happened or what went wrong.

Asphalt roofing is supposed to last at least 15 years or more, and metal roofing should outlive the owner and even the house itself. In terms of return on an investment, a new roof is often one of the best home improvements you can make. But it needs to be done right.

It is important that the roof is installed correctly, but here are some reasons why that new roof might fail.

Poor Quality Roof Installation

The best roof in the world is only as good as the roofing contractor who installs it. Even a metal roof can fail if not installed properly. If you skimp on installation costs when you hire a roofing professional and go with a low-ball price, then the quality of the roof might not be as good as you would like it to be.

There's a reason these bargain roofing companies are so cheap, and you could find out to your detriment why. Sections might not be fastened, important materials like underlayment or moisture shields might be missing. Maybe the flashing was installed incorrectly. There is a host of problems that come from improper installation. It's important to hire a roofing contractor who is recommended by the manufacturer. That's your assurance that they know how to do it right.

Your Roof Is Not Getting Adequate Ventilation

The ventilation for a roof is crucial, especially when you live in Minnesota. If the proper ventilation is missing, then ice dams are more likely to form on the roof and ruin the roof. A hot attic might also cause asphalt roofing to curl. You will also find that lack of proper ventilation in your attic space underneath your roof can make your home uncomfortable, or you're spending way too much on air conditioning to keep it cool.

The Roofing Company Didn't Use Sufficient Materials

Not buying enough materials or not using needed elements is another reason why the roof might not be working how it should. There are certain materials that need to go under the roofing itself. Quality flashing needs to be used in a variety of areas to prevent leaks. And there shouldn't be large gaps in between fasteners. If the roofing company cut corners in any of these elements, your roof won't work the way it was designed to.

The installation of a roof is as important as the roofing itself. If you want the very best in roofing AND installation, give us a call. We are an experienced professional roofing company and can ensure that the home that you own is protected as best as possible. In addition to the fantastic material warranty our roofing options carry, we have our own workmanship guarantee to stand behind our work. For a new roof here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro, Quarve is the one to call.