We understand that homeowners here in the Twin Cities area have concerns about the reputation and experience of any contractor they are considering hiring to work on their homes.

Those concerns are valid, because a home improvement or remodeling project is something that affects what is probably your largest investment. Checking out any company you may select to do something to your home is crucial. In addition to reading reviews and following up on references they provide, it's a good idea to investigate any industry associations or certifications they may have or awards they have received.

If you've looked over our home page, you know we have a number of things to tell you about our reputation for providing quality exterior home improvement services. One we would like to point out today is that Pat Quarve is certified by the NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry).

What Is NARI Certification?

An individual becoming a NARI-Certified Professional means the contractor has been through comprehensive training and has experience in their particular field. They also demonstrate dedication to the field of remodeling. Only full-time remodelers who have demonstrated commitment and dedication to the industry can be considered for the designation.  NARI Certified Professionals must also abide by a strict code of industry ethics.

NARI certification is your assurance that the remodeling professional you are contemplating hiring has been extensively tested and screened. Written exams are required, and each individual is evaluated separately by the NARI certification board.

And our founder and president Pat Quarve has held this certification for 16 years. That should tell you something about our roofing and siding company.

The slogan of the NARI is "Remodeling Done Right."™ We fully agree - it's our underlying business philosophy as well. As a roofing, siding and exterior remodeling contractor serving the Twin Cities area for nearly four decades, we are proud to carry the NARI Certified Professional on Staff designation.