Now that the snow has FINALLY melted away, homeowners all around the Minneapolis metro are getting outdoors to do yard work and exterior maintenance. And some are finding out that this past season was particularly hard on their homes. When winter comes blowing through the Twin Cities, we may get hit hard. We see a lot of harsh winds blowing ice, snow piling up on our roofs and against our homes, and more. Even those subzero temps can cause problems with our houses. And winter here is particularly hard on siding.

Have you given the outside of your home a thorough inspection to assure yourself your home hasn't suffered problems? It's important that you know what to look for on the sides of your home. There are many causes of winter damage that can hit your siding hard. And it's important if you spot any problem areas to get repairs made right away, before the spring rains hit.

Here are some things you might see on your siding after a harsh winter:

  • Rot that happens often with wood siding. Even when sealed and properly protected with a finish coat, wood siding can rot in certain areas if you’re not careful. This is most common when freezing rain and snow get blown into gaps between siding sections or underneath. And if there are places where your paint or stain is worn, there could be moisture damage there as well.
  • Damage from insects and animals that might try to burrow underneath the siding and in cracks and crevices to help themselves become warm and safe. By closing these vulnerable areas in your siding, you can reduce the chances of having the siding ruined by pests. If this is a chronic problem with your home and you deal with it winter after winter, you may want to consider replacing your existing siding with our seamless steel siding. They can't gnaw their way in, and there are no gaps to give them entrance.
  • Broken vinyl siding is going to leave the outside of a house unprotected. When winter storms run their course through the area, this can hit the siding so hard that it breaks and cracks it. If you've got small areas of cracked siding, replacing those sections is an option. But if the damage is extensive, it's probably time for new siding.

This spring, make sure your siding is in the best shape possible and that you have the right siding for your home and our area. The stronger the siding, the fewer problems you are going to have.

Tired of the exterior of your home being hit hard winter after winter? Give us a call to speak about having seamless steel siding installed. It's our specialty, because we believe there is no better siding product for Minnesota homes.