Did you know that in addition to residential exterior home improvements that we also offer services for owners of multi-unit properties such as apartments, condos, and town houses? If you own a property like this that you rent out (or even a single house), you are probably interested in making sure it is secure, both for your benefit and that of your tenants.

There are a lot of different things that can be done inside a property to really make it stand out and have renters want to rent it. From upgrades inside to quality appliances and more, many tenants look for quality products inside a rental before they decide to sign a lease.

One thing that both renters and landlords are usually concerned about is how secure the property is. Here are some ideas to improve the security of your rental property.

Install Lighting Outdoors

Add lighting to the outside areas of the building to illuminate access points like doors and windows but also any shrubbery or landscaping close to the foundation that could conceal someone. Have lighting on several levels, such as uplighting from flower beds and overhead lighting in an entry area. Exterior lighting is a great deterrent for unwelcome visitors.

More Secure Doors and Windows

When you are trying to make the area more secure in general, this is where you should start. Most break-ins are through the front door, so you want something that is strong. After that, windows can be an issue. When you replace the windows and doors throughout the property, make sure that they have working locks and are made from strong, durable materials.

Adding Security Cameras and Alarms

Putting in a newer alarm system and even security cameras is a way to give both you and your tenants some extra comfort. Make sure your renters know where the cameras are located and how to operate the security system.

While some tenants do like privacy and may object to security cameras indoors, it might be something worth looking into if you want to make it more secure.

To add more secure new windows and exterior doors to your rental property, speak with us here. We are more than happy to install quality products that are strong and will last while providing protection for owner and tenant alike.

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