Concerned about hail damage? We recently published a post about what to do in case a heavy rainstorm in your area produces hail. Severe storms are becoming more and more common as time moves forward. That's true in the Minneapolis area as well as other parts of the country.

With this in mind, we wanted to talk about protecting your home when those inevitable hail storms hit.  You want to choose the right material of the home, whether it is the roof or the siding, to stand up against the severe weather that it might come into contact with.

Hail is one of those severe weather conditions that happen from time to time in the Twin Cities.  Usually it's just small pebbles, but hail stones the size of a quarter or bigger are not uncommon. Those big hail nuggets are dangerous, but even the pea-sized pellets can wreak havoc on a home.

Our suggestion to protect homes in this area? Have metal roofing and steel siding installed.  If you’re worried about hail damage, there is nothing better.  Metal roofing will shield the top of your home from hail stones, and our seamless steel siding is probably the best defense against hail damage on the sides of a house. 

Property Damage from Hail

More and more properties are experiencing damages from hail. More than 10 million properties in the U.S.have sustained damage from hail in the past few years, which is a large amount of homes that could have been protected if they had the right siding and roofing.

Protecting Your Home from Hail

It is vital that you protect your home from hail. Our seamless steel siding serves as an almost indestructible barrier from any type of flying debris, including hail. This is because steel is incredibly durable. And it offers superior protection to other types of siding.  Vinyl siding gets dents and even cracks from hail stones.  Wood siding can chip, break down or crack entirely, leaving the home open for further damage to happen.

If you’re considering replacing the siding on your home this season, speak with us about the best option to go with based on the house you have and the protection you want. We highly recommend our steel siding as the best possible siding option to protect against the Minnesota hail that sometimes comes around and does more damage than any of us would like to deal with.

Quarve Contracting, Inc. is a licensed Minnesota home improvement contractor. We serve the greater Twin Cities area with durable protective solutions such as metal roofing and siding.