We talk a lot about steel and other metal roofing for Minnesota homes, but did you know we also install roofing for commercial and multi-unit properties?  There are some 'hot' trends in commercial roofing right now (including 'cool' roofs).  These are some of the top ones.

Commercial Roofing Trends 2019

Commercial roofing is something that not many people think about, especially if they don’t have a commercial property.  There are trends though, that can bring a lot of information to the table for those who may own a store, a warehouse, or even a multi-unit property like an apartment or condo complex. 

Businesses are considering these roofing options when it comes to putting a new roof on their buildings. If you are considering commercial roofing, make sure to look into all of your options before making your decision.  Having up-to-date information can help you make a wise choice. 

Cool Roofs

Cool roofing has been a trend for the last several years, both for commercial and residential roofing.  'Cool roofs' are those that use materials that reflect the sunlight away from the building. This leaves the roof cooler, in turn, making the building cooler inside. This can be done very effectively through the use of a metal roof that has a special reflective coating put on the outside of the roofing material.  Lighter colored metal roofs tend to be cooler than the darker shades.

All-Metal Roofs

Sandcastle Restaurant - Lake Nokomis

Metal roofs are not only energy-efficient, but they help to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the space. They are eco-friendly, and they last for a very long time, making them a great investment for any business owner that needs to roof a business.  We have installed metal roofing on a variety of businesses around the Twin Cities, including the Sandcastle restaurant. (Click here to read more on this project.)

Living Roofs

These are also known as 'green roofs' where you use gardening, grass and other growing plants to cover the top of the building. Great for the environment but these may be a bit hard to keep up with!  Some commercial properties have opted instead for just sections of the roof to be dedicated to living materials rather than the entire space.

If you've got a commercial property or multi-unit complex that is in need of roof replacement, we'd love to talk with you regarding the roofing options you have available. We can install steel or other roofing on your commercial property in order to make it more comfortable on the inside and protected from the outside.

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