Though we haven't seen any hail in the Twin Cities this season, you know one of those storms is bound to hit sooner or later.  Thankfully we've just had rain lately, but as it moves into summer, hail will become common. And the two areas most affected on homes and businesses are the roofing and siding. 

Hailstorms mean the insurance companies are busy with claims for hail damage.  And when hail comes calling in your area, you will most likely find yourself face to face with contractors that come knocking on doors after these storms happen, looking to make a quick buck off people's misfortune. 

Beware of Storm Chasers

We write often warning our readers about storm chasers, particularly after hail has hit the Minneapolis area. And we feel like we can't talk about it often enough because despite all the warnings from the news, the Better Business Bureau, and others, they still manage to scam homeowners each season.

We're not talking about those daredevils in their trucks that follow tornadoes and other severe weather.  These are actually contractors that come around to neighborhoods once the damage has been done to offer their services. Many of them are not with a reputable company; still others might not even be from the area. Or you might see their trucks driving slowly through neighborhoods where the storm has hit particularly hard.

There is a way for these people to know when storms are going to blow through an area, and how big the storm is projected to be. Or they follow weather warnings closely and send their trucks out right after a major storm.  They might even work with insurance companies to make you feel like you’re getting the best deal.

However, there are many things to be wary of when working with these so-called “storm chasers.” You want to choose a professional from your area that is going to still be there if there is a problem on your roof a little ways down the road. And just because they're aligned with your insurance adjuster doesn't mean YOU get the best deal.  Remember, the insurance companies are looking to save money on claims, so you probably want to at least get another estimate if your insurance adjuster recommends a storm damage repair company.

Please keep our name and number on hand for storm damage repair this season.  We are a family-owned, local roofing company and we've been installing and repairing roofs and other home exterior elements for over three decades.  We've got a solid reputation for good customer service, and we'll be around long after the evidence of that severe storm has vanished. And though we don't work FOR insurance companies, we will work WITH them but on your behalf, to make sure you get all that you're entitled to under your homeowner's insurance policy.