Small tan house with white metal roofMetal roofing is something that many people here in the Twin Cities are considering adding to their homes.  It's quickly becoming the #1 choice for residential roofing in the U.S.

Perhaps you've considered it but you just don't know enough about it.  Check out the information in this post - you might just find it is the right choice to go with for the best possible look and feel (as well as durable protection) for your home.

One reason metal roofing is so popular is that it is considered a 'cool' roof, especially the lighter colors. Cool roofing is the newest trend on the market, and it is one that is getting a lot of attention. We think this is the type of roofing you should get to know more about before choosing your next roof.

How Do Metal Roofs Work?

Typical roofs absorb the sun’s heat. Most roofing materials are dark-colored, and dark absorbs the sun's rays.  With a white or light-colored roof, those heat-causing rays are reflected.  And metal roofing does a better job than just about any other roofing material in doing that.

Cool roofs use lighter colors, such as white or tan in order to deflect the sun’s rays and allows the sun to go somewhere else instead of burning into the top of the home. There are other reflective colors that can be chosen if cool metal roofing is what you desire. There are also certain coatings that can be placed on just about any color metal roofing, even darker colors, that are going to make it reflective enough to stay cool. This provides homeowners with even more options.

You can place cool roofing on just about any home, and we're often able to install it over the existing roof.   The old roof provides even more insulation, making that roof much more energy-efficient.

You can get everything you need from the roofing you decide to go with. More and more Minnesota homeowners are choosing metal roofing. To find out why, give us a call to find out about have it added to your home. You should live in comfort in your home, and we can provide the help you need to do so.

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