The cost is obviously a major consideration when you're planning on replacing your roof.  Of course, you need to figure out what you can afford and how you're going to pay for it, but you also should evaluate roofing to figure out what is the best roofing that will work with your budget. The quality of the materials that you pay for should be something that you take into account when choosing which roofing to put on your home.

There are many types of roofing materials to consider. (Asphalt is the most common, but there are other options homeowners in our area use.) But don't just look at the cost of the materials themselves. How much are you paying to have them properly installed? (Some types of roofing require specialized skills and equipment and will cost more for installation.)

With so many variations and variables to consider, which is the best roofing for your home?  Starting with a ballpark figure might help you narrow down your choices.  Typical costs associated with roofing materials vary, but here is an idea of costs:

  • Three-tab asphalt - $7 - $12k
  • Shingles (30-year) - $9 - $15k
  • Shingles (50-year) - $11 - $20k
  • EPDM Rubber - $8 - $14k
  • PVC - $10 - $15k
  • Wood shakes - $14 - $25k
  • Steel - $14 - $25k
  • Aluminum - $15 - $28k (Note: we do NOT recommend aluminum roofs for homes in our area; they are highly susceptible to ial damage)
  • Standing Seam Steel – $23 - $30k
  • Natural Slate – $25 - $50k
  • Concrete Tiles – $20 - $40k
  • Clay Tiles - $25 - $50k

If you are confident you’re choosing the right materials, you won’t have an issue spending the amount that is needed on them, especially if they are going to last for some time. One thing you might consider is scheduling your roofing contractor during the off season. Not only can installation labor be less, but because of the lower demand, materials might also be less expensive. Peak season for roofing is mid-summer to late fall, so if you can schedule between early winter and April 1st (traditionally when prices go up), you may be able to get some significant savings.  (Source: Angie's List)

There are many roofing materials to choose from, but the roofing you choose is only going to be as good as the company you hire to install it.  Whatever option you select, the roofing company should have good experience with the material as well as the particular brand, since manufacturers may have different specs.  Keep us in mind if you're leaning toward a steel or other metal roof - it's our specialty.  We also install asphalt roofing

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