Are you planning on selling your home soon?  There are many things prospective home buyers here in the Twin Cities look at, and one of the first things that affects them is the look of the exterior, particularly the color - that includes both the main color on the siding as well as the accent colors for things like trim and window and door frames. (Note:  This post is mainly for those who are fixing up their homes to sell them. But if you're doing some exterior remodeling and there is any possibility you may be listing your home in the next few years, you may want to consider this information as well.)

The colors that you choose to put on the outside of your home make a difference when it comes time to sell it.  Some colors make a home more saleable than others.

The Color of the Exterior of Your Home Is Important

Since the color you choose for things such as siding (the most visible part of the outside of a home), choose colors that will make the right impression.  Certain shades offer a feeling of welcome and warmth to a home while others might make potential buyers drive right by without stopping.

When a possible buyer has a positive first impression of a home, they are more than likely to take an inside tour and get a closer look.  No matter how up to date and nice the interior of your home is, you need to get someone in the door first, and that's a big reason why the exterior color scheme matters.

Home Color Affects Perceived Value

While a particular color doesn't necessarily add to the actual value of a structure, color does affect how fast a home will sell, and it might influence how much people are willing to pay for it.  The right color might even get you an offer in excess of your asking price.  It is going to change the way that potential home buyers view the home overall.

But before you invest in remodeling that changes colors of your home, if you live in an area subject to homeowners' association (HOA) regulations, check with them regarding any restrictions.  Most likely there are rules regarding colors, and often the association has to approve a change. What Colors Are Best for Home Exteriors

There are colors that are sometimes better than others when choosing to re-side your home. Neutrals are always right. Off-white or eggshell-like colors are perfect for brightening up the home and giving it a welcoming appeal. Other neutrals such as greys or light browns can be ideal and they provide a positive look. Understated earth tones are also good choices.

Of course, people have different tastes and preferences, but your best bet is to select shades that will appeal to a majority of buyers.  Vivid colors are definitely not on the list. Something like neon green, purple or orange, or even a pink or another bright color that might seem like an eye-sore to most buyers. Of course, you want your home to get noticed, but for the right reasons.  There's a big difference between curb appeal and disturbing appearance.

There are plenty of color options to go with, and when you choose which siding works with your home, you're sure to find colors that will appeal to most everyone. Speak with us here at Quarve regarding siding that will work for your home, regardless of whether you're selling it soon or staying indefinitely.  We can help you make your home stand out and make sure you choose the right siding to go with.