A major aspect of any exterior remodeling project includes (or should include) enhancing the appearance of the home.  You've probably heard the term 'curb appeal,' and with good reason.  It's at the top of the list for real estate professionals, because it's hard to get a buyer into a home to look at all the great features inside if the exterior is boring, or worse, ugly. Prevailing wisdom is that your remodeling dollars should go to the outside first. But that's true even if you have no plans to sell your home any time soon.  The exterior shell is what protects the inside, so the siding, roofing, windows, and doors should be top priority.

The home originally was finished in stucco. While stucco is very durable, it isn't as popular as it once was.  Stucco is much like plaster, and it requires a special skill to install and repair.  And it's dwindling in popularity, so most home exterior remodeling contractors don't even offer it.  The owner opted to replace the stucco with our seamless steel siding with some extra touches.  As the siding contractor, we worked with the owner to coordinate installation of the other components.  We tore off the stucco and the exterior remodeling began.  The owner had picked out stone and columns, and then had that installed.


In addition to installing the siding, we built out the front windows with wood to give them more definition, then wrapped them in a bright white steel trim from Edco. The siding Is Klauer seamless steel double 4 inch, with Prestige Finish in Terra Bronze. The Prestige is a new finish from Klauer. It has  a subtle wood grain finish that helps bring out the color, giving it richer hues. (Klauer is our supplier for the steel siding that we then extrude on site so it can be installed without seams. You can watch  one of our siding teams in action on the job. Just scroll down the page to the video.)

We think the the Terra Bronze siding makes the windows and trim really pop, plus the color coordinates well with the stone panels. It provides terrific contrast for the dark green columns and fascia over the entry area. What curb appeal!

What an attractive finished look – great job to project manager Kevin Morse and his crew, Jason and Jake.

If you're thinking your home could use a makeover, we'd love to show you what's available using Klauer's colorizer tool. You can experiment with different styles and colors of siding to find a combination that you love.  Just contact us to set up an appointment in your home.  We are a licensed home remodeling contractor serving the entire Twin Cities metro area, and installation of seamless steel siding is our specialty.