When you're shopping for new siding for your home here in the Minneapolis area, are you thinking about its energy efficiency?  We've found that this is one characteristic of a siding material that homeowners often overlook. Energy efficiency in siding?  Really? A siding crew on the jobWhile it probably didn't make it on your list of things you could do to reduce the energy consumption in your home, your siding should have. An energy efficient home starts with its protective exterior envelop. Sure, doors and windows make up the greatest heating loss in a home, but keep in mind that the largest surface area on the outside of your home is made up of the siding, followed closely by the roof.  Your siding is what stands between the outside weather and what's inside. It's what keeps out (or should keep out) infiltration of both hot and cold air as well as moisture.  It should also keep the inside air from leaking outside.  And siding products that do those things well are considered energy efficient. So what makes our steel siding so effective at reducing in-home energy use? Let's start with the fact that it's seamless.  Unlike other siding products, seamless siding has no gaps that permit moisture or air to get in or out.  Most other siding products are manufactured in 12' lengths. That means lots of gaps (seams) along each outside wall of a home where the siding pieces meet. The installers usually apply caulk to those joints, but caulk deteriorates and can expand and contract, leaving each joint vulnerable to air and water infiltration. Even vertical siding panels have gaps where each panel meets, and it's not recommended to caulk vertical siding because of the potential for trapping moisture underneath.   The siding we install is extruded on site to the exact measurements of your home's outside walls.  Then the corners are covered with trim pieces to seal the edges. The same thing is done around door and window openings, effectively closing up your home's exterior in a protective shield. There are no gaps, no potential spots for air and water to get in. (You can watch one of our crews in action by visiting our Seamless Siding page and scrolling down to our video.)

So if you're interested in an incredibly energy-efficient siding product for your home (that's also exceptionally durable), why not contact us today to set up a free in-home estimate?  Homeowners like you all over the Twin Cities are making the move to seamless steel siding for this and other reasons. We'd love to tell you more.

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