As a Minnesota home exterior remodeling contractor specializing in metal roofing, we've made it our business to learn as much as we can about the different types of residential metal roofing on the market. We want to be able to recommend the very best products for homeowners here in the Twin Cities area and surrounding communities.  After lots of research and years of experience, we've settled on steel roofing.  Yes, there are other types available, but we believe that for homes in our area, nothing is better than steel.

But you might have questions about other metal roofing, such as aluminum.  Perhaps you've seen articles touting the advantages of aluminum roofing and wonder if it could be good for your home.  Our answer is, probably not.

Why don't we recommend and install aluminum roofing here in Minnesota and western Wisconsin? 

Yes, aluminum roofs outperform steel roofing when moist, corrosive air is the predominate climate condition.  That's why you'll see aluminum roofs being installed in coastal areas.  It stands up well to potential damage salt water in the air. It is more resistant to corrosion than steel, but here in Minnesota that's just not an issue for us.  We're a long way from any salt water source!

Yes, aluminum is a more elastic and malleable metal than steel, so it can be shaped easier for custom configurations like curved and domed roofs.  But we believe the drawbacks of aluminum roofing far exceed the advantages, at least for homes here.

  • Aluminum tends to store heat, and that can make for home cooling issues in the summer.  Steel cools off much more quickly.
  • Aluminum is a softer metal than steel, so impact damage from large hail could be more likely. The metal roofing we offer is highly resistant to hail damage.
  • Steel roofing is far more resistant to fire damage than aluminum. You can start to see damage to aluminum at temps as low as 400°, so it's not a very good choice in fire-prone areas or where lightning strikes are common. With so many homes in wooded areas, fire damage can be a threat - just one more reason we recommend steel roofing.
And then there is the cost factor.  We strive to offer our customers the very best value in quality roofing, so we consider cost as well.  Aluminum runs on average 20% more than steel, so just the cost of the roofing will be higher.  Also, the average aluminum roofing is thinner than the steel roofing we install. At times a higher gauge aluminum (translation: more expensive) is required to provide proper protection. Our conclusion?  Overall, while aluminum roofing might be great for homes in Florida and other coastal areas, we believe steel roofing is a far better choice for Minnesota homes.  Still have questions?  Why not contact us today? We'd love to meet with you and talk about why we believe the steel roofing we install is perfect for Twin Cities homes.