In our previous post, we covered the first three critical steps to take if your home has suffered damage from a storm.  Once you've documented the issues and contacted your insurance company, these are the next steps to take. (If you haven't read that article first, click here. That post details things you need to do as quickly as possible.)

The Next Steps to Take After a Minnesota Storm Damages Your Home

Step Four:  Contact a licensed Minnesota storm damage repair contractor.  You might wonder why we feel the need to point this out.  It's mainly because we want you to be aware that YOU are in charge. Often following a severe storm what we refer to as 'storm chasers' canvass neighborhoods looking for damage and then make cold calls on the homeowners, trying to get down payments for repair work.  Unfortunately, many of them are not licensed, and some you may never see again.

The second reason we point this out is that the insurance company may want to steer you toward a contractor they prefer to work with.  You have the right to use a contractor you choose, not the one they recommend.

Whoever you decide to hire, always get a detailed quote in writing so you're clear on what will be repaired, what materials will be used, what it is going to cost, and the terms of payment. Storm damage contractors like our company are used to working with insurance adjusters, so it's helpful to have an experienced professional on your side. We understand that recovering after a storm can be stressful, and our aim is to make the process easier for you.   Step Five: Secure and protect anything that is exposed, to prevent any further damage or injury.  This may also involve determining whether it's safe to stay in your house.  If not, most likely your homeowner's policy provides for housing and meals reimbursement.   If you can do so without potential personal injury, try to cover or close up exposed openings like broken windows.

If you've got a hole in your roof or broken windows, temporary emergency repairs are in order; you may be able to get authorization from your insurance company to get that done and their expense.

For exterior home repair after storm damage has hit, contact us here at Quarve Contracting.  We've been providing licensed repairs to items like roofing and siding for over three decades. We serve the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.