Each part that goes into a home structure should work together with the other elements. Of course you want your home to stand out, but not for the wrong reasons.  That's particularly true of your roof. Maybe you've considered having metal roofing installed but you're concerned it will make your home look like a barn. That couldn't be further from the truth (unless that's the look you are going for).  Today's residential metal roofing comes in so many colors and designs that you can easily find metal roofing that will complement the architecture of your home and not detract from it.

As a roofing company that is one of the pioneers in installation of residential metal roofing here in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, we can help you choose the right roof color, the right metal roof style, and the trim to give your home the curb appeal it deserves.  Check out our suggestions for roofing that will complement the most common styles of homes.

The Right Roof for Your Home's Style Classic Craftsman

Here in the Twin Cities, we've found that the classic craftsman style home - as well as its many variations - is a very popular one. Craftsman homes look best with natural colors and roof designs. Whether your home is a snug one-story bungalow or a larger home, incorporate earth tones for the best look.  The traditional asphalt shingle style of metal roofing would work, as would one that replicates a wood shake. Roofing in dark grey or charcoal as well as brown tones works well.

Modern Homes Need Up-To-Date Appeal Get the most from the modern look and feel that comes from architecture that offers bold appeal. You can choose to go with a seamless look and feel, but one that has more subtle colors that match the home. Usually, these homes are not done in vivid colors but neutral tones, which the roof can be matched with. White and black or grey are often paired for modern style homes.  Sleek lines and crisp edges dominate.

The home shown here is one of our metal siding projects. Metal roofing and steel siding are a terrific combination for modern home styles.

Colonial Style Homes

As a popular choice in the past, this traditional style home is still popular. It is one that a lot of people choose to make bright, with vibrant colors that pop out and look great. If you want to continue this tradition, then choose a bold color for the roof of the home instead of something neutral. Roofing in red, blue or deep green goes well with colonial style architecture.

Tudor Homes

Tudor homes are often constructed using stone or other masonry. This is another architectural style that is best shown off with earth tones.  A slate or shake style metal roof would work well with a Tudor home. Brown colored roofs work well.  The St. Paul home shown here at right is a Tudor-inspired style home that we installed a new steel roof on in Copper Penny.  You see how the color really works well with the neutral stone as well as bringing out the brick accents?

When you are ready for a new metal roof, we'd love to talk with you.  We're able to provide the help, the roof, the colors and more that you need to give your home the appeal that goes best with its style.

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