The winter holidays are just around the corner which means it is time to start that holiday decorating. We know that many homeowners around the Twin Cities are trying to get their lights and other outdoor decorations up before it turns much colder, even if they aren't ready to turn them on yet.  But no matter what you've got in mind for making your home into a holiday treat this year, you need to take care that whatever you put up doesn't cause damage to your home.   There is the right way to do it, and then there is the wrong way.  We've got some suggestions to keep it safe. When the festive mood strikes you, you may want to start stapling those lights into your fascia and hanging things from the gutters. However, doing things like this can actually do serious damage around the outside of the home.

Tips for Exterior Holiday Decorations That Won't Damage Your Home

Don’t Overload the Gutters: We cringe whenever we see lights and other decorations hanging from gutters.  It might seem like the natural spot, but this is a definite no-no. Gutters might not seem like they are that important, but they are. You don’t want to hang things from them or put things around them that are going to block them or cause them to sag  Besides, just the idea of mounting electrical items on a spot that gets a lot of water flow should be enough to deter you from doing this.

And while we're at it, we want to caution you against leaning your ladder on your gutters. The pressure of the ladder could damage or bend the gutter.

Be Careful During the Attachment Process:  Don't attach anything to your roof that requires you to make holes in the roof.   Anywhere you penetrate roofing provides a spot for water to leak in. And that could lead to a huge problem. Make sure to use something that doesn’t ruin the roof. No screws and nails, and leave your staple gun in your tool kit.  You can find plastic mounting clips at most hardware stores. It's the best way to avoid a costly winter repair from a leaking roof. Taking Down Should Be Done with Caution: As you're mounting your holiday decorations, think about what will be required to take them down again.  Using force such as tugging or pulling them down is never recommended. This can cause a lot more damaging than putting the items up. You want to take your time when taking the items off the home and putting them away. You can slow the process down, use the necessary removal tools, and make sure to watch for damages. Remember, Fire Safety is Important! It is important to have the safest decorations possible. Always go with high-quality lights, but also make sure you’re plugging them into the right outlets. You want to make sure they’re not all on the same breaker and that they are not generating too much power from the lines.  Look for UL approved lights and inspect them each year before you put them up.  Also make sure the lights you're using have been rated for outdoor use.

If you need help when something on the exterior of your home has been damaged (especially your roof or gutters) because of holiday decorations, give us a call to learn more. Providing quality exterior home services such as damage repair, we can  provide you with the help you need.

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