If you've done any research into metal roofing for homes in Minnesota, you may have encountered two somewhat unfamiliar terms: galvalume and galvanized.  Some people have heard the term 'galvanized, although they don't necessarily know what it means. 'Galvalume' is more unknown. But these two technical terms are very important to be aware of when you're comparing metal roofing, because they relate to the manufacturing process of the roofing material.

Galvalume and Galvanized Metal Roofing Options

Knowing the difference between galvalume and galvanized metal roofing options is important. These terms refer to the process used to create the finish. If you're concerned about knowing you are choosing the best metal roofing finish that you possibly can, understanding the difference can help you evaluate and compare roofing. Both types are on the market.

Galvanized roofing is constructed using sheet metal that is also coated with a galvanized metal coating over it. This creates a sturdy, thicker finish and can provide more stability when it is installed on the roof. This is why this type of metal roofing is used often.

Galvalume is a process that is used to adhere the colored finish to the roofing. This is a coating that is made from other metals. Galvalume metal roofing is one of the best choices to go with. The metal roofing we install from Kassel & Irons has this galvalume finish, and we highly recommend it.  We believe it produces a more resilient roofing. And one of the advantages to choosing metal roofing that has been manufactured with the galvalume process is that it is highly corrosion resistant, much more so than galvanized metal.  In fact, it can be up to three times as corrosion and oxidation resistant as galvanized metal.

This is an important consideration for Minnesota homes.  Our weather conditions produce a lot of moisture - everything from heavy wind-driven rains to hail and sleet and ice and snow.  That means a roof is often wet, so having a finish that resists corrosion is important. 

So if you're looking at metal roofing for your home, one thing to check is if the roofing material is manufactured using the galvalume or galvanized process. Choose a metal roof that works with our climate to best protect your home.

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