As winter fast approaches us, you want to make sure that you are getting the most from your home. Making sure that exterior components like your roofing and siding can hold up to what the coming season has in store is very important.  Not only do you want to avoid paying more in utilities than you have to, you want to avoid possible damage. Roof damage is the most common during the winter months because of the weight of the snow, any ice, and frozen debris that build upon the roof. There are things that can be done to reduce the chances of having issues, such as removing the ice and snow from the top of the roof. But it's crucial to make sure it's done properly and safely.  Removing the ice and snow can be precarious for both you and your roof.  Falls from roofs account for quite a few emergency room visits in the winter.  And if you are not careful, you can actually damage the roof with your tools. It's better to work with a rooftop snow removal professional who is able to handle it for for you.

Roof Damage That Can Occur in the Winter Months

Water leaks can happen when the ice and snow on the roof's edge melt and the water works its way under the roofing.  Usually this occurs because of ice dams.  This is why it is important to remove the ice and snow from the roof, but again, using a snow shovel to do this might cause more problems. Remember, in your efforts to prevent problems, causing more damage is never a good thing.  For an immediate solution, you can have a company that specializes in roof snow removal come out.  For more long-term solutions, talk to us about the things we can install which will prevent ice dams from ever forming on your roof again.

Another thing that can happen when heavy, wet snow builds up is structural damage. It isn't unheard of for roofs to collapse because of this.  Remember what happened with the Humphrey Dome in downtown Minneapolis?  (We know, we got a new stadium, which we can't complain about. But still.) Now, we realize that none of the homeowners in this area have an inflatable roof protecting their homes, but roofs on homes do collapse at times from excessive snow weight.  That's one of the things we love about metal roofing - the snow slides right off, and build-up is extremely rare.

Keep Gutters and Downspouts Clear

Gutters and downspouts can also be damaged due to the weight of ice and snow.  Yes, it's critical to clean out those gutters and remove any clogs from downspouts prior to the first snow, but you also need to insure they stay clear during the winter. Melting snow from the roof needs to flow through those gutters and out your downspouts. Otherwise the melting water backs up and then freezes, and the weight can pull the gutters right off the edge of your home, causing even more damage.


A skylight covered in ice and snow can actually break. The weight can cause it to collapse. Snow and ice can also cause problems with the flashing around a skylight.

Find the best way to keep the roof of your home clean and free of snow and ice. You want to make sure that you are reducing the amount of damage being done, so you don’t have to keep paying for repairs. Pay for maintenance first. Contact us to learn more.