One of the things we enjoy about being a roofing contractor specializing in metal roofing is that as the seasons change, our work doesn't have to.  That's not necessarily true of all roofing materials, though.  For example, asphalt shingle roofers take a break when the weather turns cold. And those hot summer days aren't the best, either.
Did you know that asphalt shingle roofing is best installed when the temperature is between 45º and 85ºF? Metal roofing has no such restrictions.
In the Twin Cities, than can rule out almost half the year. Cold temperatures make those shingles brittle, meaning they can break or crack easily.  Just the act of hammering in those roofing nails can crack the roofing. And it's no better when the mercury climbs to near triple digits. Heat makes those shingles soft and pliable. That can result in overdriven roofing nails, and as roofers move about on the roofing they have installed, protective granules are easily dislodged, damaging the finish. There are none of these issues with metal roofing.  In fact, our trained metal roofing crews work all year round, even in the Minnesota cold and snow. Of course, for safety issues we're going to call it a day if there's a blizzard or an ice storm, but cold temperatures alone don't stop our crews.  

So if you've put off having a new metal roof put on your home because you think it's too late in the year, don't let the weather stop you. In fact, some of our guys will tell you they are much more comfortable up on a roof on a cold day than when the hot summer sun is beating down!  To find out more about our metal roofing installation process and to get a free, no-obligation quote, call us today at 763-754-1472.

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